Recipes for Sweet Treats to Make Your Wedding Reception Special

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“Looking for something out of the ordinary for your wedding reception? Here’s a hint: Everybody loves dessert. While it may be financially difficult to customize the reception dinner, many couples are finding creative solutions in after-meal delicacies. From a dessert buffet to cookie trays on individual tables, sweets are a versatile, inexpensive addition to the traditional wedding cake.

Dessert buffet tables, in particular, are a growing trend at wedding receptions and complement the wedding cake nicely. Dessert buffet tables allow guests to mingle while selecting goodies that satisfy their sweet tooth. When deciding upon the sweet delicacies to include on your dessert table, it’s best to offer a range of choices, from the basic almond slices to the decadent chocolate mousse cups. Some popular dessert buffet choices are fruit tarts, miniature cheesecakes and petit fours. Or you might try matching the desserts to your wedding theme or location.

Another fun and innovative change of pace to the wedding reception is a cookie tray placed on each guest table. Some families choose to bake the cookies themselves, allowing them to select cookie varieties that represent their ethnic background or family traditions. Individual cookie trays, when homemade, can also be designed to match the wedding party motif.

For an elegant evening, try an all-dessert buffet wedding reception. Guests can sample a variety of gourmet desserts accompanied by an assortment of dessert wines and cordials. Strolling musicians or a small five or eight-piece band adds to the romantic atmosphere of the evening. Another elegant dessert piece is a chocolate fountain surrounded by fresh fruit, biscotti and other sweet dipping items. For a real “wow” factor, rent two or more smaller fountains with different chocolate types, such as dark, milk, or white.

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