Fresh at Hazel’s Kitchen, Tulare

Exciting new for The Dotted Apron.  We are happy to announce that at the end of October, we will be launching a bakery counter at Hazel’s Kitchen in Tulare!  Soon you will be able to grab your favorite treat and also pick up items for your parties and events.  Stay tuned for details!

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  1. Lisa wilbue

    Hi Nat! Tomorrow, my niece and four others who are restaurant managers in training at Hillstone Restaurant in SFco are coming here to tour Land O Lakes and our dairy. I want to serve some of your goodies for dessert! I just call Daniel in the morning, right? (that’s what I’ve done before)
    Then, six friends (cal poly) are coming for dinner Saturday night and was wondering if I could order dessert from you? (or again, do I go through Daniel for such a small order?)

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