About Us

At a very early age, my grandmother taught me the importance of using “real” ingredients, like fresh butter and whole milk, while my mother developed my passion for being in the kitchen by always letting me cook! Basic pastry and baking techniques became second nature as I presented my own cupcakes for school bake sales and entered fruit pies in the Tulare County Fair.

Later in life, as Catering Manager for both the Ritz-Carlton and the Four Seasons Hotel Companies, I was inspired to make baking a way of life. I developed dessert menus with brides and social clients that centered on classic childhood favorites.

My luxury-client wasn’t always interested in elaborate desserts; rather they wanted something familiar and simply delicious. These “dessert tables”, with their many colors, smells, tastes and presentations, have ignited a child-like excitement in everyone.

I want to bring this concept to your special event. Your guests will love you for it!

Natalie Wilbur